Velleman HPS10 Personal Scope

I have always rather fancied a Fluke Scopemeter, for no other reason than it's cool, but being this cool usually requires the application of cash in industrial quantities. Let's not even get into justifications.

Anyway, such quantites not being available, I bought a Velleman HPS10 Personal Scope and had my low expectations nicely exceeded.

I've had a lot of fun with this scope and while it's performance is limited, it's very cheap, plenty accurate enough and smarter than one might have hoped. For general servicing away from the bench, it handles most tasks with the greatest of ease and is a doddle to use - when you understand it.

Sadly, the manual is not massively helpful in achieving this, especially the English translation (the native French being better). So while I worked my way through it, I developed a guide for myself to clarify and expand on what was in the manual and add various things I discovered en route.

I created the guide in a program called Incubator, which is a graphical outliner that makes things much clearer for me than the usual breed. I heartily recommend it.

Click on this for an example of the first page of eight in the guide: (153kB)

Thumbnail of page 1

PDF HPS10 Personal Scope Guide v1.1.pdf (721kB)

Let me know if I'm talking rubbish or these were of any use to you. Either way I hope you find something in them that is helpful.


19th July, 2006.

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